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But before doing so we have to face for one last time our deepest emotions, our very truth. Issues relating to how we can embrace freedom and individuality without being self-centered and disruptive to our relations are again of concern.

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In addition to that, Venus is separating from an opposition to Uranus, an aspect that was exact one week before the new moon , and that has created tensions, or to some of us considerations to ending relations or to others even actual breakups. From there it makes a trine aspect to Jupiter and a sextile and trine aspect to the Lunar Nodes, infusing the lunation with healing energy.


Jupiter is also trine—sextile to the Nodes while Uranus is in a tight square to them at the same time. The one planet bringing sudden changes, the other bringing advancement and luck. We can now see how the evolutionary path of the Nodes will lead to a new chapter. Inevitable change and disruption of our security was necessary before us moving into to a whole new territory that has a promise of optimism and expansion.

The new will come after having first made closure with the past.

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This is a necessary process for us, and we have to move on either with our relations re-invigorated or with a new version of our empowered self. This new moon in Scorpio inspires and moves us within higher frequencies of spiritual rebirth. It is either a renewal of the value that we receive from others or a renewal of our own self. This article was originally published at Cosmos of Astrology.

Personality Profile for People Born on November 7

Reprinted with permission from the author. Follow Us. These individuals are to find their mission, feel the atmosphere in their heart and move with the flow, setting free from ties of the past and making deep and thorough changes to their entire ancestry. They are to find Divine Love, touch their own higher spirit, and give up on toxic influences, substances and relationships as they move along.

Although they can be dignified and firmly stick to their choices, loyal and open for lasting bonds, their inner changes might take the best of them and make them overly distant, irrational or too vulnerable when they connect in pureness of their heart.

They typically need time to find the right friendships filled with love, social circles that are truly supportive and not just there for fun, and need a partner who will be their best friend and give them safety around sensitive issues that burden their heart. To build trust in any bond, they must be completely honest themselves, and need a strong foundation communicating before putting an accent on sexuality that inspires them in unusual ways.

Astrology of Today – Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Scorpios born on November 7th excel in all fields of technology, engineering and science, chemistry, medicine and different healing techniques. They are open for things that others might toss aside, but their inner battle often keeps them away from their true talents as they try to be grounded and rational through choices imposed on them by other people's attitudes. Made for extreme sports and extreme choices and activities, they often make sudden turns and changes to their career path as they discover their true calling. Datolite is a high vibration crystal known to enhance one's problem solving abilities, and it is a very good choice of stone for those born on November 7th to cleanse their mind and help them focus on earthly matters.

It is a stone to ease stress and fear, helping one cope with any form of anxiety and grief. Apart from its role in helping one find their true faith, it aids with all addiction problems and self-destructive tendencies, and helps these individuals turn their focus back on their physiology and their body's needs while in tune with higher goals and ideals.

Individuals born on November 7th are in no way ordinary, and while they have full respect for common things in life and sometimes even crave them, their gift should be special, and your energy should be invested in it. If you lack groundbreaking ideas, bake them a cake, make something they will enjoy, and organize a gathering of their closest friends to show them how much you care. They will love everything sparkly, electronic, modern, and asymmetrical, for as long as it is truthful and not too pretentious while standing out.

Innovative, groundbreaking, different and individualistic, they understand that their greatest quality hides in their special way of standing out. Those touched by new moon might be lucky enough to find they can pull in anyone they want into their labyrinth of love. This is the moon of sirens, the song that hypnotizes sailors.

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Edward Snowden who has this natally is a great example of the clandestine side of this decan in his leaking of classified information about various global surveillance systems. So he was spying on the spying!

All Signs 7 November 2017 "GETTING MESSY WITH PEOPLE" Daily Horoscope

The fixed stars found in this decan indicate scandalous love relationships because it wells up such intense romantic needs that we will do anything to get them fulfilled. So they actually fit very well here in tropical Scorpio. Libra is actually a very small constellation and six of the nine stars here fall in Scorpio decan 2.

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So we could say that Scorpio decan 2 might be the true Sidereal Librans. The actual constellation of the scales though has a very different vibe than the Venus-ruled tropical sign of Libra. It does not let go until one or other matter is complete and onlookers are not sure which of the two acts are in process. Sometimes even the Scorpion seems to get it wrong along the way! Its appearance in better aspect is often just the right moment to repair a relationship and to reconsider an earlier harsh judgment.